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Hey there!

Let’s start out with a little humor this morning

What’s the worst thing a new mom can run out of??

Hint: This happened to me this morning…

Any guesses?

Okay, I’ll tell you already

Concealer (Hello, under-eye bags!)

Funny? Okay. Maybe not. I never claimed to be a comedian. I suppose I’ll stick with something I know, Fitness.

I’m happy to report that as of two Sundays ago, 9 long weeks after doc put me on exercise restriction, I’m running, lifting, burpee-ing, and doing all the workouty things once again.

But let me tell you, it’s rough. The first time I lifted the barbell from the floor, I sincerely asked Nathan whether or not it truly only weighed 45 pounds. The load felt like 75, at a minimum. I shouldn’t be surprised considering de-training effects set in after just 2 weeks off. For that reason, I’m extending ample grace my way, pushing myself but without the expectation to be at the same ability level I hit prior to getting pregnant. Getting there’s going to take some time. Let’s be honest, getting back to where I was 10 weeks ago will require work and time. So just as babies go through a ‘fourth trimester’ their first three months of life (according to some experts), at the end of which they ‘wake up’ and begin interacting more, I’m giving my body (at least) the same 3 months to reawaken.

What does that mean exactly? I plan to focus on the following for the next several weeks:

  • Re-establishing proper movement patterns and technique (this, not the amount of weight lifted, will be my main focus for now)
  • Lifting/Conditioning 3 days per week
  • Walking with Annalise on ‘off’ days
  • Napping when I need to

With that said, here’s the 3 workouts I completed this past week: 


5×5 Bent-Over Barbell Rows (65#)

MommyWOD – Complete 5 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Kettlebell Deadlifts (50#)
  • 8 Hang Power Clean & Press (45#)
  • 6 Burpees


5×5 Push Press (65#)

MommyWOD – AMRAP 10 (using 45# barbell):

  • 5 Hang Power Cleans
  • 5 Thrusters
  • 5 Upright Rows
  • 50 Single-Unders


Superset #1 – Complete 3 rounds of the following:

  • 250 m. Run
  • 10 Front Squats (45#)
  • Rest 60 seconds

- 5 minute break -

Superset #2 – Complete 3 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Hang Power Cleans (45#)
  • 10 Burpees
  • Rest 60 seconds

- 5 Minute Break -

Finisher: Tabata Squats (score: 11)


In your opinion, what’s the worst thing a new mom can run out of?

Ever struggled starting or getting back into working out?


warrior 2

{Guest Post} Prenatal Yoga with Brittany

‘Oh, my aching back!’ How many times did you say something to that effect during pregnancy? Despite all the core strengthening I did before and while pregnant, this hallmark symptom struck me, especially during third trimester. In addition to back pain, I experienced tight hips, hamstrings, and glutes towards the very end. The best relief I discovered? Yoga! Looking back, I wish I’d have yoga’d the entire time. My soon-to-be-a-mama friend, Brittany, taught me so much about its usefulness during pregnancy. She herself thrives off this form of exercise and is here today to share all-things prenatal yoga. Check it out…

Hi!  I’m Brittany from My Own Balance.  Thanks so much to Jaclyn for inviting me to share here today while she is enjoys spending time with her baby girl.

I am expecting a baby boy in November, and I have to say that one thing that has kept me sane through these months full of changes is maintaining a regular exercise routine.  I’ve found prenatal yoga to be particularly helpful.

hip stretch

**This information is based on my own thoughts, opinions and experiences. You should always listen to your body and do what is best for you. Also, please consult a physician before starting this or any other routine.

Yoga has some terrific benefits, especially during pregnancy.

  • Yoga helps with balance.  As our center of gravity gets pulled forward, maintaing balancing is more difficult.  Working on balance is imperative to maintaining stability and yoga can help with that.warrior 2
  • Yoga increases strength.  We always associate yoga with flexibility, but it’s a great tool for building and maintaining strength while pregnant.   This helps with carrying the baby as your body changes.
  • Yoga helps relieve aches and pains. As pregnancy progresses, so do the aches and pains associated with carrying extra weight and having your lower back pulled forward by your belly. A great way to deal with these aches and pains without medication is through yoga.
  • Yoga provides stress relief. As happy as a new bundle of joy is, pregnancy’s also a pretty stressful time. Anxiety over you and you’re little one’s health, preparing for a huge change in lifestyle and dealing with the birth itself can all provide a lot of stress. The mind-body connection in yoga does wonders for managing this stress. Meditation and focus are important aspects of yoga that can help deal with external stressors.
  • Yoga helps teach breathing techniques. Yoga is all about the breath. Yoga poses without breath is not yoga and learning yoga breathing or pranayama can help you deal with stress now and during labor.

With all of these benefits, yoga is clearly a great choice for mamas-to-be. Here are a few thoughts on how you can shape your yoga practice throughout each trimester.

1st Trimester

Like many women, morning sickness and fatigue marked my first trimester.  My normal workout routine seemed like a pipe dream.  On days when I just wanted to lie down, I performed small increments of yoga to help me push through.  Yoga classes didn’t appeal to me since being surrounded by a ton of other people when not feeling well sounded far from fun.  Instead, I turned to online prenatal classes by YogaGlo and MyYogaWorks.  I even found a class specifically for morning sickness!  General restorative classes really helped me feel better and more relaxed.  In addition to the restorative classes, I used meditation classes at night to help me deal with hormone-induced insomnia. It worked really well!myyogaworks 3

Second Trimester

With my second trimester came more energy and an actual desire to get moving.  Of course now my belly was growing, and I was concerned about my normal yoga routine.  Luckily, there are a ton of prenatal classes for every level.  Some days I just wanted an easy stretch, while others I wanted to get that same sweaty vinyasa feel I was used to.  Thankfully, there was always a class to meet my needs, and while I definitely had to make some modifications, I still always got a great workout in!

Second trimester was also when I started to feel symptoms like back pain, tightness and some edema.  I found that yoga really helped me deal with those issues and just generally made me feel great! It can also really help with sciatica.mama kuka 6

Third Trimester

As I enter third trimester, here’s what I’m anticipating: a big belly, aches and pains, and general discomfort. I’m looking forward to some great stretching classes and those specifically designed for big bellies!  I’m also excited to try some meditations to help prepare me for birth.  And, of course, some restorative classes to give my body a break and help with any sleep issues.  Just knowing I have all these tools available makes me feel so much more confident going into my last trimester.

Finally, here are a few tips on starting or maintaining a yoga practice during pregnancy:

  • Take it slow and listen to your body. You may be used to fast-paced vinyasa but there is nothing wrong with pulling back a bit and focusing on your health and your baby.
  • Find a great prenatal instructor. I love my online classes, because the instructors offer great insights and modifications. Before I even started doing these classes I had a session with a certified yoga instructor to learn all about modifying for pregnancy.
  • Connect with your baby and have some fun. There’s no need to be too serious about your practice! Enjoy spending time with your little one in a quiet and peaceful place.


Brittany is a lawyer and fitness blogger living in NYC. You can find her at My Own Balance, on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube
Annalise Born

Introducing Our Sweet Baby Girl…

Annalise Born


Annalise Marie Jackson

Born Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 2:23 AM
6 lbs., 12 oz.
20 inches long


Little one made her grand entrance following a very quick labor. I’ll fill you in on those details in the upcoming weeks. We came home Monday evening and are settling into life with a newborn pretty well, I’d say. For now, enjoy a few pics of our beautiful daughter! It’s incredible to be able to say that now! :)

First picture of our little family
First picture of our little family
Annalise wearing clothes for the first time
Annalise wearing clothes for the first time
Already has daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger
Already has daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger


P.S., I couldn’t wait to share this news with you, but be sure to check out today’s guest post by Laura. You don’t want to miss her excellent tips!


{Guest Post} 7 Ways to Fit in Fitness With a New Baby

Finding time to stay active’s a challenge… for anyone. And as I’m about to experience first-hand, that’s especially true when there’s a new little one in need of your care. Lucky for us, my friend Laura, mother of 2 beautiful daughters (one of whom is brand-spanking new), is visiting BumpSweat to share her tips and tricks on fitting in that workout while simultaneously being mama to an infant.
7 Months along with Baby #2


Thanks for having me, Jaclyn! It’s been fun to go through our pregnancy journeys together.

I’ve been fortunate to have two smooth pregnancies.  Staying active was not a question for me- it’s part of who I am and what I do! I did cut back intensity and duration as the weeks went by, but have been able to run, strength train, swim and spin through both pregnancies.

After my first baby, I knew that I needed to find ways to continue my workout routine, but had no idea what it would look like.  Almost everyone struggles to find time to workout, and moms can have the added guilt of missing out on family time or leaving the kids with someone else.

I’ve struggled to find this balance but have also found that I am a much better mom when I make the time for myself.  My energy level is higher, my patience is greater, and I can better care for my daughter when I’m happy and healthy myself.


Here are some of the things that have helped me fit my workout in:

1) A supportive partner:  This is probably the single greatest thing that keeps me active! I can get out the door for early morning or evening runs when my husband is around, and I have no concerns about my daughter’s safety or comfort.

2) Jogging stroller:  We use our stroller for everyday walks as well as runs. The downside, of course, is the unpredictability of your running buddy and the extra weight to push, but I find it works great for short, easy runs.  **Make sure you check the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.  Most models are designed for use after four to six months of age, or when the baby is able to support his or her own head.

We love our BOB stroller!
We love our BOB stroller!

3)  Gym with childcare:  We love our gym!  I rely on the gym when the weather is poor, or use it for classes such as spinning and weights.  There’s always the slight worry of being called out by childcare workers, but most children adjust quickly and it soon becomes a comfortable and familiar environment.  Many gyms will take babies once they turn six weeks old.

4)  Workout at home:  The luxury of getting a workout in during naps or after bedtime can be a lifesaver if your partner works long hours! You can get a great strength workout using a set of dumbbells or a resistance band, and there are endless at-home dvd or live-streaming options to keep you motivated.

5) Sitting swaps:  Some moms take turns watching each other’s kids in order to get in a workout. Or, hire a babysitter or mother’s helper to have a break for yourself.

6) Early mornings: This is not my favorite option (I love my sleep!), but when all else fails, waking up before the rest of the family is an almost guaranteed way to get your workout in.  I say “almost guaranteed” because there’s always the chance of an unexpected early wake up, sick child, or too-tired mommy.  Some moms will stay up after a 4 or 5am feeding to work out, while the baby goes back to sleep.  My first baby was one of the wildly unpredictable sleepers, so I couldn’t rely on early morning workouts until she was older.

7) Workout with the baby: If you’re lucky enough to have a very easy-going baby, you can work out beside your baby while he/she is awake.  There are countless at-home strength and HIIT workouts on Pinterest that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.


Flexibility is key. Be easy on yourself those first few weeks and months: caring for a newborn is hard work!  You may not want to get back into a workout routine right away if you’re overwhelmed and sleep-deprived, but even small steps can make a difference in your mood and energy levels.

Taking several short walks during the day and using fitness dvds are both great ways to get started until you’re comfortable venturing out or leaving your baby with someone else.

I’m not exactly sure what it will look like this time around, but I’m determined to find the balance that keeps mama, baby and big sister happy!


Laura Peifer, MSW is a holistic health coach and running coach in the greater NYC area.  She has a 4 year old and delivered her second at the end of July.  She shares her healthy-living journey, health and running tips and recipes at


Your Turn:

What factors make staying active most-challenging for you?

For all the mamas out there, how did you fit workouts in after having a new baby? 

A Place to Lay Her Head {Owl Nursery Reveal}

Okay, Friends, I realize I’ve mentioned Little One’s nursery so often. I’ve hinted at how much work Nathan’s put into it, teased with a photo when our friends came to help paint and craft, and planned two previous times to write this post. But to no avail, because turns out, some projects require a lot more time and effort than you imagine when dreaming them up.

But just over a week ago, I hung the final item on the wall to then declare Baby Girl’s nursery COMPLETE! Before we see the finished product, let’s rewind to pregnancy week #20, when we first heard Baby J is a girl. Following closely on the heels of that exciting news, like most mamas-to-be, I spent time hours perusing Pinterest. Thankfully, my time proved worth it, for I found this little pin that inspired the entire room.


I decided then and there (after asking Nathan’s opinion and getting his okay, of course) that mint + coral would be our main colors, and we’d decorate with owls. Yay! I experienced instant relief because, one, I didn’t want the room dripping with pink. That’s a fine color, but it’s a little overdone, and I like to be different. Two, we desired to paint the walls a gender-neutral color, so as to avoid painting again if hypothetical baby #2 turns out to be a boy. As we learned, painting porous wood paneling requires a lot of time and ample amounts of paint, way more than you anticipate.

Like any project, there’s expectation and reality. I envisioned finding white ceramic owls like those above but instead opted for aqua ones. I thought we’d utilize gold as an accent color; instead, you’ll find splashes of grey throughout the room. We dream certain items up in our heads, but unfortunately, actually locating said item rarely happens… so your vision shifts.

In the end, Baby Girl’s nursery turned out beautiful. I wish everyone could come see the actual space, because, yeah, my lack of photography skills fails to do the room justice. Still, I can’t wait to bring Little One home for the first time and show her around :) NurseryCurtains

4owls Hairband holder


Smallceramicowl Rocker


James117OwlMobileChangingTableOwl Tree

Fabrics (Window Valences, Crib Sheet, Changing Pad Cover, and Pillows) from The Stitchouse Etsy Shop. This proved to be our big splurge. Nathan joked that Baby Girl’s already spoiled since we purchased custom-made curtains and bedding for her. Yep, he’s probably right… and we’re in trouble ;)

DIY Projects

  • Owl Canvasses – Nathan used paint, canvas, and stencils (and the help of a very-talented friend for the more-detailed owls)
  • Headband and Hair Accessory Holder – see this tutorial for detailed instructions
  • Owl Mobile – I followed these instructions, minus steps 6-8, since I opted not to stuff the owls. Instead, I simply glued the back piece on. Easy!
  • Tree Mural – Nathan, MY husband, painted that! He’s admittedly un-artsy but did a fantastic job. I’m so proud of him! :)

Help from family and friends

  • Changing Table – my Aunt Rita restores old furniture (check out her Facebook page to see more of her beautiful work). This dresser was ANCIENT, and she both rebuilt it to be functional and spruced it up with new paint and handles. I’m in love!
  • Small table – another about-to-fall-apart piece my aunt redid for us
  • Rocker – we purchased this from a friend for $30. Because the chair was brown wood with sage green cushions, I opted to have it redone. A friend refinished and painted the chair for us, while the sweetest old lady I’ve ever met reupholstered the cushions. All-in-all, we shelled out $70 for it; not bad.
  • Our friends GAVE us the crib, along with a bassinet we plan to keep in our room the first few (or several) weeks.
  • I received the framed scripture at my shower. My sweet friend didn’t know this at the time, but I used James 1:17 in my vows to Nathan, so yeah, that verse means a lot to me. It’s perfect that she chose that scripture for Baby Girl.


Pink – yay or nay?

What things have you used as inspiration to decorate your spaces?

Are you a DIYer? If so, what have you made recently?