Transitioning from bike to run. There's that smile I love.

{MIMM #1} First Baby Shower + Daddy J’s Triathlon

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Our’s proved busy, but because of fun activities like multiple grilling sessions with friends and Nathan’s triathlon, which I’ll get to soon.

Today, I’m linking up with Katie for my first-ever Marvelous in My Monday post.


My Monday’s off to a truly marvelous start for a couple reasons.

  1. We have our 32-week appointment this morning. Baby Girl seems to be growing like a weed, so I’m looking forward to finding out how she’s measuring and, as always, hearing her heartbeat.
  2. I put these little guys in the mail this morning.

photo (49)

Thank-you cards and I have a rocky relationship. No lie, over 6 months passed before I sent out the ones from our wedding. Knowing Baby Girl will consume 99.999% of my attention once she arrives, I’m getting a jump on these now. If not, she might be 6 (years old) before they get sent.

Speaking of thank-you cards, my sister’s threw a sweet shower for us last weekend. With all the post-vacation sharing this past week (Niagara & the Adirondacks), I’m just now able to give you the rundown.

photo (50)

We ate. In my family, shower food’s kept simple with cake, punch, nuts, and mints. At the past few baby showers, trail mix replaces the nuts; this because of a fun little inside joke from my older sister’s first pregnancy.

photo 5 (24)

We played a few games

  • Gift Bingo
  • Guesstimate How Big Jaclyn’s Belly Is

    photo 2 (45)
    Chris won!
  • The Attribute Game. This proved my favorite of the day. Whitney, my younger sister, listed 15 attributes (eyes, hair, etc.), and each person had to guess whose, Nathan’s or mine, I hope Baby Girl gets. For fun, here’s my responses:
    • Eyes – mine
    • Ears – mine
    • Nose – Nathan
    • Legs – mine. Obviously I hope she gets feminine-looking limbs :)
    • Hair – Nathan
    • Smile. At the time, I said mine, but after looking back at pictures I took of him this weekend, mid-triathlon, I hope she gets his. In the midst of all that effort and pain, his smile still looked good ;)
    • Intelligence – Nathan
    • Humor – mine, because Nathan’s already been practicing his dad jokes. You know the ones.
    • Feet – mine.
    • Toes – mine.
    • Cheeks – mine. I’m 1/16th Native American and really hoping she inherits my higher cheek bones.
    • Chin – Nathan
    • Skin Tone – Nathan
    • Athleticism – mine. Ha, that attribute’s a laugh, which is why Whitney included it in the list. While Nathan thought I was athletic upon first meeting me, let’s just say I unknowingly tricked him. Yes, I enjoy exercise and being active, but there’s a large gap between working out and being considered ‘athletic’. However, he’s not Mr. Athlete either, so Baby Girl doesn’t have much hope. My rationale for choosing mine? Her aunt and uncle, my siblings, played college sports. Maybe she’ll inherit some of that.
    • Confidence – mine

I opened presents (with spectacular help from my niece, of course)

photo 1 (46)

And received a wealth of motherly wisdom & insight

photo 3 (40)
My mama (holding her newest grandbaby) passing on her best advice


I’m beyond grateful that my sister’s invested time and effort to throw this shower for Baby Girl and me. They’re two pretty awesome (and hilarious) people, so you know it was a fun afternoon.

That happened last weekend. This weekend was all about Nathan’s triathlon. I know I said he wasn’t Mr. Athlete, but I really should bite my tongue. Exercising for 3+ hours straight, in multiple modalities, requires immense endurance, coordination, and mental fortitude. And that’s just during the actual competition; not to mention the months of training leading up to the big event. Here’s (more than) a few pics from the day…

Up bright & early
Up bright & early


Beautiful lake morning
Beautiful lake morning



Contemplating the swim
Contemplating the swim


Ready to get this show on the road
Ready to get this show on the road


And they're off... While I'm a nervous wreck waiting for him to come out of the water
And they’re off… While I’m a nervous wreck waiting for him to come out of the water


He made it
He made it



Taking off on the (hilly) bike course
Taking off on the (hilly) bike course


Transitioning from bike to run. There's that smile I love.
Transitioning from bike to run. There’s that smile I mentioned.



Happy as he leaves on the run course
Happy as he leaves on the run course…


Doggedly finishing the last quarter-mile of the race (okay, walk up the hill, run down the hill)
… and finishing the last quarter-mile of the run (what turned out to be ‘walk up the hill, run down the hill’)


Crossing the finish line
(Tiredly) crossing the finish line


Let me take a (post-race) selfie
Let me take a (post-race) selfie



Post-race feast-of-choice: GIANT Burrito
Post-race feast-of-choice: GIANT Burrito


My Taco Salad
My Taco Salad


He seriously rocked it! I couldn’t be more proud of my guy.


Highlight of your weekend?
Favorite baby shower game?
Are you good or bad about mailing out thank-yous?

14 thoughts on “{MIMM #1} First Baby Shower + Daddy J’s Triathlon”

    1. Haha, yeah, that can be a problem. We always have someone sitting there writing down who bought you what. That helps a ton! But, doing and sending them out ASAP helps even more :)

  1. You are such a beautiful Momma to be! It was so kind of your sister to throw a baby shower for you… and what a fabulous job she did :)

    Congrats to your hubby on his triathlon. I’m amazed @ how big that burrito is. Would it be wrong if I said I could go for one… okay maybe half right now? Haha

  2. I love the game of trying to think of song titles with the word ‘baby’ in it. Of course, my first thought is Baby Got Back… haha! Congrats to your hubby!

    1. Haha, that’s what would come to my mind first, too! In fact, I’m having a hard time thinking of any others. That game sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Your baby shower looks like it was beautiful and fun! Congrats to your hubby for completing a triathlon! I did a sprint tri almost two years ago and it was hardcore! And it’s only half the distance of a full tri!

    I’m not terrible at thank you cards but I don’t really love doing them!

  4. I used to be great with Thank-you notes and then when our kids got older I seemed to get worse and worse!!!
    Congrats to your husband – so cool! I love that he is smiling in every picture!!!

    1. The more people there are in a family, the more thank-you notes to send out. And I’m sure mom ends up being the one writing them.

  5. Wow! So much goodness in one post. The shower looked like it was very sweet – I hope you enjoyed it :-) And the TRI – you know I love a good TRI! Congrats to your hubby – that is great and looked like he had so much fun – which is why you should be out there, right?

    1. Exactly! It made my heart feel good every time I saw that smile, especially since it was super-hot out there, and the course proved to be such a challenging one.

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