The user using Bump Sweat should understand that all the links given on this website are the ones provided to us by the company. The links are embedded into images or buttons on this web page so that they could redirect the user to the official website, therefore, saving his time.

The user could search online for the official website, which is hard to find, or he could just click the button and visit the official website. The choice is completely on the user.  The site visited by the user and all the information entered by the user is of no concern to us at all.

Information on the Bump Sweat

The information we collect on Bump Sweat is purely meant for understanding the behaviour and problems of the user. The data is collected by either information entered by the user, the health supplement articles visited by the user, or by using their cookies or search history.

This data helps us to sort the information on Bump Sweat and bring out only that information that concerns the user and is of his importance. This helps the user in multiple ways. First, he is able to get the best product which is of his use and then use that product to cure his/her problems. Second, he/she also save time by no longer needed to scroll through the large chunks of health supplement articles, which does not concern them in anyways.

User information

The information about the user that is asked is purely for determining the location and name of the user.

It is completely up to the user whether he or she wants to fill in the information about him/her safely or not. We guarantee you about the anonymity of your information to any third person or party.

We would clarify that the information kept or asked by us during any stage is purely for fulfilling the needs of the user.

The information entered during the time of ordering the product is for finding the name and location of the user from where he is withering the product.

This is done so that the company could deliver the product to the user safely quickly. The location is also checked by us some times as the company making that specific product doesn’t deliver the product to a specific area.

So, we tend to gather the information and specify the user whether he does or doesn’t qualify for an order.